Beach Combing


“Beach Combing” a poem…Receding tide exposed an expansive, collateral-cluttered beach this morning…

beach combing 2


8 thoughts on “Beach Combing

    • Thank you, Carrie. I am only just beginning to dicocer all that was in me when I wrote this.

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  1. I am happy it moved you Neeky. As is often the case, I now discover in it things I said that I didn’t know I said, and feelings I don’t remember feeling.


  2. Oh, this is great! “Let me anticipate my shedding with the regal patience of the Great Blue Heron who holds vigil in the receding tide…” I love this image. And the conclusion “remember the soul who called it home and rejoice that I have breached the beach” Very poignant. Wonderful work Rita!


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