Am I Talking To Myself?

Enjoy this post by Susan Pitchford. It is a helpful and informative tool for understanding prayer.

Susan Pitchford


All of us who pray have wondered, at some point, if we were talking to ourselves. According to a 2010 USA Today/Gallup poll, 92% of Americans believe in God, although other surveys show that for some this belief is not exactly rock-solid, and for others this “God” is really “something out there,” not necessarily the kind of loving, powerful Being who listens to prayers and helps us out. Still, in the 2010 poll, 83% of respondents said they believe that “God answers prayers.”

What people mean by that is probably at least as varied as what they mean by “God,” but here are a couple of options. First, if I pray for my Great-Aunt Matilda’s piles, I can conclude my prayer’s been answered if the next time I see her she’s in a better mood. This is God “answering” intercessory prayer, or to be precise, God answering yes

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