Mysticism Beckons to Science

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I think that we protect ourselves by creating safe images of God to stand in the place of a fearful unknown.  Some concepts of “god” have kept us safe, but in doing so they have deprived us of the profound reality that sustains us.

Some very brave physicists like David Bohm, have opened up for us a new way of seeing God-  without ever mentioning God.  They sound very much like long familiar mystics. My offering in this post is a series of quotations from David Bohm and a few mystics.  I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions about who/what “God” is and the implications your concept has for how we interact with one another in this universe.

Mysticism Beckons

Mysticism beckons

Science Mulls It Over

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  1. Sweet blog, I am a new follower. 🙂 It’s always helpful/insightful to see different perspectives side by side, and when we take enough time to look at it, we can usually pull out similarities. We have more in common than we think as humans. Thanks for posting.


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